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Generator Organ

The Generator Organ is an off-grid crank powered self-amplified electronic organ. The organ derives all the power it needs to function in real time from a human powered hand crank embedded in the side of the instrument and needs no external sound system to play it. Volume and timbral characteristics can be performed intuitively using speed of cranking and the entirely analog circuitry allows for polyphonic/melodic performance using a top-octave division scheme.

Orders for Generator Organs in 2022 are now open. Customers will receive their units within several months in the order in which they paid. All organs function the same but enclosures will differ based on materials availability. 

Molasses Industries will provide repair or replacement of damaged units but is not able to refund payments.

PLEASE READ: Shipping Costs are not included in this price and will be calculated manually at the time of fulfillment. Shipping will need to be paid by the customer before unit is shipped. Orders local to the Richmond, Virginia, US metro area will be done at no cost to the customer. A Free pickup option in Richmond is also available. Inquire within.

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