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Floraphone is the first commercially available sonic therapy system designed to help promote the growth of house plants. Using chance-based circuitry that simulates natural sounds like birds and frogs, paired with the natural resonances of the handmade wooden enclosures, Floraphone creates non-contact therapeutic soundwaves that stimulate growth and repair in your houseplant, whether it be a ficus or philodendron. 


Each Floraphone features hand-selected frequencies tailored to your specific botanical needs, creating harmonic resonance within the plants root systems in key frequency bands identified by cutting edge scientific study. It can be used on any type of plants including flowers, vegetables and herbs; if it has roots and leaves, your plant can experience the benefit of sound therapy for plants. We suggest one unit per three plants, as the effectiveness of the treatment decreases outside of a 3 foot radius. 

Most updated research suggests that 1-3 hours of sonic exposure per day is best for plant regeneration. This is why we compose the sonic content of the Floraphone to provide a steady drip of sound all day, so as not to overwhelm the sensitive root structures.



Each Floraphone order is custom built to fit the specific needs of your plant and your space. Each unit will cost $200, which includes a short consultation with our technicians to get the details of your plants, space and aesthetic preferences. Multiple units can be purchased to serve a larger area/more plants and will be tuned together to produce harmonious plant healing music. Because of the range of sizes, shipping cost will be calculated manually and charged prior to fulfillment. 

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