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Autophage is a semi-modular elemental rhythmic synthesizer. Autophage features a shift register based sequencer with an externally modable clock, a chaotic noise oscillator pair with voltage control and external conductive flesh patch points, and a voltage controlled resonant bandpass filter which can self oscillate. Each of these elements can be patched into one another using banana cables, stacked into almost endless combinations, to yield everything from minimal brutish techno to generative robo-babble.


Autophage uses 4mm banana patch cables for internal patching, 1/4" mono audio output, and standard 9v center negative power input (1spot). Although Autophage is designed to stand on its own and no specific compatibility with other gear is guranteed, It is however outfitted with a ground connection for experimental cross patching with other banana gear that uses +5v gates (read manual and/or contact me for questions about these specifications and uses). 

The price is $375USD + $15 shipping. I am 

currently only taking orders for a run of the 

first 10 units. If sold out, you can add your name to

a waiting/interest list here.

(If you are an RVA local, use the code BRING2ME at checkout to waive shipping fee)

Unfortunately I am unable to ship

internationally at this time.

autophage circuit diagram.jpg
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